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  1. It is trite that condonation is not merely for the asking and that in determining whether condonation should be granted the court will judicially exercise a discretion to determine whether the granting of condonation would be in the interest of justice by considering inter alia the following facts and circumstances: –[1]


“the nature of the relief sought,


the extent and cause of the delay,


the effect of the delay on the administration of justice and other litigants,


the reasonableness of the explanation for the delay,


the importance of the issue to be raised…


[a]nd the prospects of success”.


  1. Where the delay is extensive, the applicant is required to provide a satisfactory explanation for the full period or every period of the delay[2] and must make reference to “the date, duration and extent of any obstacle on which reliance is placed”.[3] 


  1. If no acceptable explanation is provided for the delay or no explanation provided for certain periods of the delay then condonation will be refused irrespective as to how good the prospects of success might be[4] Similarly and where there are no prospects of success condonation will be refused irrespective as to how good an explanation for the delay might be provided.[5]

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